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About Us

Hello, we have been helping Communities in need since 2018

Cheliva Foundation was built or rather formed from personal heartwarming experiences, in early 2018 I, Chevawe Kasure told a friend at that time that “ Hey let's dress 10,000 people” He thought it was impossible and being around a neighborhood of communities that walk around with torn clothes and bare foot we managed to take up the challenge.  

By May that year we had convinced families and friends to spread the word and by September we went on a road trip distributing the many many contributions we got. It wasn't easy but the smiles made it all worth it.

Dress the Nation opened doors to many ideas, questions and opportunities which led us to the formation of Cheliva Foundation, which was fully registered in 2020 with the objectives of advocating for all things related to albinism as well as poverty reduction.

So far, the organization has grown and brunched into four departments:Dress The Nation, Educate The Nation, Heal The Nation and Furahi Festive.

All departments being inclusive and personal in the work they do, Cheliva’s dream is to unite a nation that helps one another through acts of kindness, love, and support our slogan and motto is to TAKE ACTION FOR A BETTER FUTURE together.

Our Vision

To see the confidence grow in the albinism community as well as unity as a nation to fight poverty in all forms.

Our Mission

To stand firm in what we stand for and making sure that we fight for the wellbeing of the communities we touch

Who We Are

Meet our Team

We are a growing team of people with a heart for volunteering and a passion for helping others

Each donation is essential

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.


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